I hope you enjoyed the YouVersion study. If you’re interested in reading another study, links are included at the bottom of this page. Before that, I’ve listed some other content that may be helpful for you.

Other Resources From Me …

A few of Sermons I’ve Preached

I’ve been honored to preach sermons at a few different churches recently. It’s an incredible honor each time a church asks me to share God’s Word from their platform. Below are two sermons that I hope you will find particularly relevant.

Thy Kingdom Come HerE: Work

It was an honor to return to the first church I attended growing up and share my perspective on bringing Christ into the workplace. You can watch the sermon here: https://youtu.be/u0cL6R-mnAI?t=405

Gaining Ground: Margin

As part of a series on “Gaining Ground” to start the year, the Lead Pastor asked me to share some perspective on creating margin (financial & time) in our lives. You can watch the sermon here: https://vimeo.com/253177756

If you’re interested in me speaking to your congregation, please contact me.

My Podcast - Agile Giants: Lessons from Corporate Innovators

One of the areas of my Carnegie Mellon Research has been looking at how large and established organizations can become more entrepreneurial. I believe fundamentally, a startup within an established organization is the same as a new startup: a group of entrepreneurs trying to make the world a better place using new ideas and inventions. If you already are a corporate entrepreneur, want to become one or are just looking for some advice around commercializing transformative innovation, this podcast is for you. You can subscribe below:

My Book - The Science of Growth

St. Martin's Press published my first book, The Science of Growth in April 2016 that explains why some innovations scale to change the world while other similar ideas stall. It follows the journeys of 10 well-known companies, ranging from modern marvels like Tesla, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn all the way back to the retail juggernaut McDonald's. It then contrasts each story with that of a lesser-known startup that was created at about the same time, with a similar product, targeting the same market. Of course, only the first one worked.  Find out why ... 

My YouVersion Studies …

Redefining Work

Most of us will spend more time working at a job than doing anything else.  Yet, for too many Christians, work is just something we tolerate to “make it to the weekend”.  In this 4-day study, we’ll look at what Scripture says about work and innovation. The goal is to help you find more purpose in your career by applying an innovative mindset. Read the study here: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/4284/

Leadership Lessons From Nehemiah

Nehemiah was a visionary leader, innovator, and statesman. I believe that the Book of Nehemiah is as good an entrepreneur’s case study as any I use in the classes I teach at Carnegie Mellon. It offers lessons in leadership on par with well-documented examples of exemplary leadership from modern CEOs. Over the course of this 10-day study, we are going to learn by studying the life of Nehemiah. Read the study here: